Our Approach

The Synergos approach is to cultivate bridging leadership: the ability to build trust and collective action.

Bridging Leadership is a leadership practice used by both individuals and organizations that is effective for building trust and collaboration among diverse stakeholders to address systemic challenges.

Bridging Leadership requires inner work to increase self-awareness, skills for social issue analysis such as systems thinking, and a high capacity for collaboration.

Bridging Leadership


Inner Work

  • Increasing awareness of the self, others, and the larger system
  • Aligning individual intentions for authentic action

Systems Thinking

  • Using proven tools to look at social problems from diverse perspectives, analyzing them systemically
  • Selecting leverage points for action


  • Working with key stakeholders to leverage collective resources and action
  • Building sustainable relationships that can carry the partnership forward

Bridging Leadership Presentation (PDF)

More information on bridging leadership to build trust for collective action


Inner Work for Social Change Project

Stories, tools, and case studies of inner work in action