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Building Trust Works

Synergos is a global organization helping dismantle systems that create the most urgent problems of our time: poverty, social injustice, and climate change. Solving them requires more than technical solutions. It requires collaborations that can break through obstacles, surface and elevate the voices of local people, and create solutions that get to root causes and can scale.

But the collaborations that can realize their full potential are too often under-nourished and under-invested in. Synergos identifies and incubates collaborations that shift power and resources to proximate leaders, enabling the solutions to our greatest human challenges to reach scale.

Forming Partnerships

We enable stakeholders with diverse viewpoints and interests to come together to generate, test, and implement ideas that create lasting social change.

Advising Organizations

Synergos Consulting Services provides advisory support to help corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations achieve sustainable growth, and social impact.

Strengthening Leaders

Through our Global Philanthropists Circle and other networks, we help changemakers increase their impact by enabling them to connect to purpose, build trust, and collaborate with others.

Where We Work

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Current Programs

Synergos works to reduce global poverty by creating, promoting, and sustaining trust and collaboration among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities. Today, our programs focus on agriculture and employment in Ethiopia and Nigeria, the wellbeing of children in South Africa, preventing child drowning in Bangladesh, and supporting social entrepreneurs in the Arab World who are helping meet the needs of millions. 

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  • Principles of Transformation workshop for leaders in the agriculture sector in Nigeria
  • We Love Reading session in Jordan
  • Stakeholders in the work of the Fundación Comunitaria del Bajio in Mexico
  • Arab World
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Arab World

Synergos supports the Arab world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs -- these are agents of change that combine innovation and business skills to meet pressing needs of their communities and countries. Our Arab World program provides entrepreneurs with leadership building, financial support, and networking opportunities to help them sustain and scale up innovations in a variety of sectors -- including youth employment, economic development, education, health, energy and the environment, sanitation, arts and culture, and social inclusion. 

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  • We Love Reading session in Jordan
  • Alhassan Foundation in Egypt
  • Waste collectors from the Zabaleen community in Cairo, Egypt.

Synergos is working with Bloomberg Philanthropies alongside the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to tackle the high child drowning rate (60,000 children under the age of five each year globally) in Bangladesh and Vietnam. Bloomberg Philanthropies has committed $25 million to expand their global drowning prevention program with the help of Synergos and its other partners for implementation and monitoring through 2022.

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  • Children walking on dike in Bangladesh
  • Woman at community consultation in Bangladesh
  • Kids at day care centre in Bangladesh


Synergos has a long history in Brazil, going back to the 1980s when we worked with a group of educators and activists on efforts to improve the lives of children through the Roda Viva partnership in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, we have helped strengthen organizations such as the Abrinq Foundation for the Rights of Children and Rio Como Vamos.

Today our work in Brazil centers on training bridging leaders in the country and supporting the efforts of next generation philanthropists and other changemakers to address poverty issues in Brazil and other parts of the developing world.

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  • Celebration at a school
  • School girl playing with blocks
  • Participants in education workshop


Our work in China strives to support national efforts to enable philanthropy to play a catalytic role in helping the country meet major social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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  • 2017 China-US NGO Roundtable
  • Chinese philanthropists at Synergos event at Rockefeller estate
  • Speakers at 2012 Philanthropy Night event in China


Our work in Ethiopia centers on reducing poverty by building institutional capacity and alignment in the country's vast agricultural system, and empowering the smallholder farmers who dominate it. We train leaders at multiple levels of the system to help shift their mindsets for innovation and results-focused collaboration. We also support the Government of Ethiopia to help them effectively link smallholder farmers to markets and strengthen agricultural value chains. 

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  • Ethiopian government participants in homestay with farmers, in Ethiopia
  • Coffee processing at cooperative in Ethiopia
  • Farmers in field in Oromia, Ethiopia


Rooted in our work on nutrition through the Bhavishya Alliance, Synergos’ focus in India remains on child nutrition and girls’ empowerment to increase social investment around these issues. We also support a network of emerging philanthropists in the country, enabling them to maximize their social impact. 

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  • Feeding program for kids in Maharashtra, India
  • Participants in change lab session for Bhavishya Alliance
  • Beneficiaries of FXB India Suraksha program for women affected by HIV crisis in India


Our work in Mexico centers on strengthening the ability of budding leaders to serve their country’s social sector through bridging leadership: the capacity to help people come together across divides and work in trusting partnership.

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  • Stakeholders in the work of the Fundación Comunitaria del Bajio in Mexico
  • College students in class in Mexico
  • Synergos Senior Fellows meet in Oaxaca, Mexico


Since 2007, Synergos has been working in Namibia to bring together diverse resources, competencies, and experiences from across sectors, as well as international agencies. Specializing in maternal and child health, health systems, and education, we’ve contributed to infant and maternal mortality dropping by about 14% between 2006 and 2013.

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  • Front-line health providers and Synergos staff in a hospital in Windhoek, Namibia
  • Maternal and child health clinic in Namibia
  • Container clinic which will aid in providing maternal health care services is installed  at the Wanaheda Clinic in Windhoek, Namibia.


Synergos brings a systems-change approach to our work in Nigeria, to reorient and strengthen key state actors involved in transforming the agricultural system. Headlined by our facilitation of the State Project for Agriculture, our efforts aim to reduce poverty among smallholder farmers, which form the bedrock of the country’s agricultural sector.

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  • Farmers harvesting rice in Benue State, Nigeria
  • Principles of Transformation workshop for leaders in the agriculture sector in Nigeria
  • Principles of Transformation workshop for leaders in the agriculture sector in Nigeria

We strive for systemic change in South Africa by strengthening collaborative leadership, partnerships, and institutions that promote equitable access to basic human rights and services. With a special emphasis on children and youth, our work is headlined by LINC (Leadership and Innovation Network for Collaboration in the Children’s Sector) and a partnership to combat social isolation.

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  • Children at play in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Training session with youth leaders in South Africa
  • Members of our LINC South Africa network

Network Members

Synergos’ networks are among our greatest assets. They exist to strengthen philanthropists, and other changemakers, by enabling them to connect to purpose, build trust and collaborate with others, and deepen their impact—on themselves as well as the communities they serve. From the Global Philanthropists Circle to the Synergos Senior Fellows, our networks cover more than 50 countries across the world. 

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  • Senior Fellows network meeting in Nepal
  • Global Philanthropists Circle retreat at the Rockefeller estate outside New York City
  • Discucssion among Senior Fellows meeting in South Africa
  • Global Philanthropists Circle members meeting in 2011

Consulting Services

Founded in 2010 as a division of Synergos, Synergos Consulting Services draws upon the organization’s experience, relationships, and approach to enable corporate, foundation, and nonprofit clients to generate sustainable economic and social value through their core businesses, CSR, and philanthropic efforts. The Services team has had recent engagements in more than 20 countries, with a network that reaches beyond 30.

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  • Coffee processing at cooperative in Ethiopia
  • Systems analysis exercise for partnership for child nutrition in India
  • Synergos social entrepreneurs retreat in Germany
  • Feeding program for kids in Maharashtra, India

Our Team

Synergos was founded in 1986 and has staff and representatives in Africa, Asia, the Arab World, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

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Help us improve lives around the world. Synergos is a 501c3 organization registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and holds the highest rating from Charity Navigator: 4 stars. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under U.S. law.