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Synergos is a global nonprofit that’s deepening trust and collaboration to solve complex problems of poverty. 

Focus Areas

Improving livelihoods of smallholder farmers

Synergos promotes collaboration among government, businesses, investors, NGOs, and farmers’ organizations to improve the lives of smallholder farmers, their families and communities. By supporting the transformation of agricultural systems, we are contributing to reducing hunger and poverty and creating economic opportunities for women and youth.

Maternal and child health clinic in Namibia

Strengthening health systems

Public health, particularly the health of children, is central to reducing poverty and advancing national development goals. Synergos increases collaboration within government and between government, communities, and other stakeholders to deliver maternal and child health services.

Fighting malnutrition in children

Good nutrition is foundational to individual, national, and global development. Synergos improves nutrition, particularly among children, by promoting collaboration among government and international agencies, businesses, NGOs, and communities.

Young people at SHAMS project in Jordan

Improving opportunities for the youth bulge

In much of the developing world, job growth is not meeting the demand from growing populations of young people. Our work on social entrepreneurship in the Arab World and agriculture in Africa are creating new opportunities for young people to play larger economic and leadership roles in their societies.

Social entrepreneur Rasha Aly Soliman of Ladiez Corner in Egypt

Strengthening innovators in a region of change

Social entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa combine innovation and business skills to meet pressing needs. Synergos supports the region’s largest network of social entrepreneurs with capacity building and others forms of support.

Global Philanthropists Circle retreat at the Rockefeller estate outside New York City

Improving giving for lasting change

Through the Global Philanthropists Circle, we help philanthropists around the world increase the impact of their giving. And we are helping foundations, businesses, and others be more collaborative, strategic, and effective as grantmakers. 

  • Agriculture

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Youth Employment

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Philanthropy

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Global Philanthropists Circle

Inspiring, enabling, and connecting leading philanthropic families and social investors to create a better world.

Exercise modeling the nutrition system in Maharashtra, India

Synergos Consulting Services

Helping corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations achieve sustainable growth and social impact in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.