Synergos is a global organization that has pioneered the use of bridging leadership, which builds trust and collaboration to solve complex problems.

We have used this inclusive approach with partners around the world for 35 years to achieve extraordinary results meeting local and national needs.

Today, we help dismantle systems that create the most urgent problems of our time: poverty, social injustice, and climate change.

Our Work

Large group of Ethiopian farmers listening to a speaker in a field

Country & Regional Programs

Our teams around the world use bridging leadership to build collaboration on issues of national regional importance - helping local and international partners create systemic change and improved lives. 

Three Synergos Senior Fellows sitting on chairs in an art space talking

Global Network

We help our global network of philanthropists and other changemakers create collaborations that shift power and resources to communities directly affected by issues and bridging leaders within those communities. 

GPC members retreat at Pocantico Hills

Join us to exchange ideas, share inspiration, and promote collective action.