2019 Synergos Global Philanthropists Circle Members Meeting

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Join us in exploring how to build new forms of connection and solidarity

We want to hold space for you and all of us to be present to one another, share ideas and inspiration, and promote new collective action.

At this time, our convenings are held online. As the need for physical distancing decreases following the covid-19 crisis, continued online gatherings and learning from them will enrich our revived in-person programming.

Participation in some of these sessions is by invitation only or limited to members of special Synergos networks (such as the Global Philanthropists Circle); contact your Synergos relationship manager or collaborate@synergos.org for more information.


Synergos Digital Event Tracks:

Explorations of the most pressing conversations of our time, with an orientation to lifelong learning and emerging solutions based on the principles of bridging leadership: systems thinking, inner work, and partnership.


“Hands-on” sessions offered in partnership with Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle affinity group, Spiritual Civilization, to practice inner work and increase consciousness of the ideals that drive us. Live participation is limited.


Conversations built around specific initiatives, aimed toward building action to create lasting change and sharing learning from these experiences. Live participation is limited.


Montana Retreat
J Bar L Ranch, September 12-19
The annual Montana Retreat allows participants to step outside of their daily routine and environment, providing space in an undisturbed, scenic natural setting to clarify and sharpen individual life purpose. This retreat is designed to enable participants to approach their lives and social engagement in the world with greater joy and clarity. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the world around them (both personal and societal), take a step back and retreat into silence in nature to reflect on what can and must be done in order to align with one’s deepest sense of purpose. They will also share stories, enabling each to form a plan to carry forward what has been learned, through individual and collective visions, intentions, and commitments.

Global Dialogue Initiative - September Meeting
Virtual Session, September 23
Following a summer break, members of the Synergos Global Dialogue Initiative will gather to hear from new member Sir Robert Fulton from the Global Leadership Foundation and Larisa Benson from Partners for Youth Empowerment. They will share how dialogue is a critical part of their work to achieve impact. We also hear about The Power of Dialogue, a youth dialogue programme co-created by members of the Global Dialogue Initiative which will run in August for an international group of young people. To find out more about the Global Dialogue Initiative please contact Neeti Gadgoli at ngadgoli@synergos.org.

Bridging Leadership Next Generation Community: Addressing Inequality Through the Lens of Unconscious Biases and Inner Work (Part I)
Virtual Session, September 30
This two-part virtual session will focus on issues of inequality and how we can take an “inside to outside approach” to help tackle it – that is, how we work on our own internal biases, especially those we hold when it comes to gender and race. BL Community members and GPC Brazil members will be joined by special speakers and guests, who will help offer a space for honest discussions and self-reflective practices that help guide us to be more self-aware and whole heartedly committed to addressing inequality. (Meeting will be held in Portuguese.)


Bridging Leadership Next Generation Community: Addressing Inequality Through the Lens of Unconscious Biases and Inner Work (Part II)
Virtual Session, October 1
During the second, and final, part of our virtual session, we will continue with our exploration of how overcoming unconscious biases is a vital step in addressing racial and gender based inequality. (Meeting will be held in Portuguese.)

Climate and Environmental Protection in China
Virtual Session, October 6
A closed roundtable on Climate and Environmental Protection in China. This convening will be co-hosted by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Rockefeller Foundation, Asia Society Policy Institute, and Synergos. The roundtable will amplify the innovative approaches of Chinese stakeholders on climate and environmental protection. The aim is to contribute to a more balanced narrative on how China is taking global responsibility on the most pressing issue of our time.

Spirituality & Science Forum, Human Flourishing: A Journey
Virtual Session, October 7
In partnership with Krueger & Lee and Fetzer
Session 1: Human Flourishing
What is human flourishing? What are some of the common elements that contribute to a sense of life flourishing? This session will feature current research on human flourishing from Harvard University, presented by Matthew T. Lee, Ph.D, and will provide an overview of the theme for this year’s forum. Participants must register for the full series.

David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award
Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, October 12
Honoring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Cherie Nursalim

As the first major opportunity to gather the Synergos community in person since 2019, the 2021 Bridging Leadership Awards will be an opportunity to reconnect, celebrate, and draw inspiration from the bridging leaders in our community. The intimate evening gathering (~150 people) at the famed Rubin Museum of Art will bring together a diverse community of leaders striving to develop their collective bridging leadership skills and celebrate the achievements of our 2021 honorees. Ticket sales and registration will open on August 16; each GPC member family can receive up to two complementary tickets for family member use only. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Jamie Webb at jwebb@synergos.org.

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GPC Community Gathering
Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, Pocantico Hills, October 13
Join us for an in-person community gathering to re-connect with your peers and reflect on and share where we are as individuals, and as a collective, as we tackle pressing societal problems and examine the role our philanthropy plays.

GPC Brazil Member Gathering
São Paulo, October 26
After a long time, with the vaccine program going well, Brazilian GPC members will meet, in person, for the first time again. We are willing to have time to celebrate and to be together! Come prepared to have a great time with your peers and talk about what you learned this past year in philanthropy and social engagement. (Meeting will be held in Portuguese.)


Spirituality & Science Forum, Human Flourishing: A Journey
Virtual Session, November 3
In partnership with Krueger & Lee and Fetzer
Session 2: The Meaning of Suffering
What is suffering? Why do terrible things happen to good people? How can we make sense of suffering? In this session, we will discuss not only different perspectives on suffering but also share how we might try to make sense of the experiences that we went through during the pandemic. Participants must register for the full series.

Funders of Mindfulness and Spirituality Virtual Gathering
Virtual Gathering, November 9-10
We are pleased to invite you to join us for the 2021 Virtual Gathering of the Funders of Mindfulness & Spirituality community, working to shape a new movement to shift consciousness and accelerate impact. Join your peers in sharing projects and learnings, exploring potential collaborations, and participating in contemplative and reflective practices.

Bridging Leadership Next Generation Community: Bonding Activity
Virtual or In-person TBD, November 19
Our second two-hour session designed to provide a space for BL Community and GPC Brazil members to catch up and connect with one another. (Meeting will be held in Portuguese.)

Dialogue for Democracy
Virtual Gathering, November 22
A 90-minute event hosted by Synergos Global Dialogue Initiative revolving around the role of dialogue in democracy.

Climate & Environment Collaborative Community Meeting
Virtual Session, November 30
A member led Climate Collaborative meeting and discussion at 6:00 am PST / 9:00 am EDT/ 2:00 pm BST/ 10:00 pm HKT. The year’s last climate collaborative meeting will have members speak about their current work and focus in the field. It will also include closing remarks for the year and plans for the next.


Spirituality & Science Forum, Human Flourishing: A Journey
Virtual Session, December 2
In partnership with Krueger & Lee and Fetzer
Session 3: Connecting to Our Awareness
How do we become aware of the pain and suffering that we have stored in our mind and body? How do we bring it to the surface and eventually release it? As a response to Session 2 on Suffering, we will be exploring practical measures to become aware of how we process emotions and store pain and the gentle ways in which we can become liberated in order to move on. Participants must register for the full series.

Bridging Leadership Next Generation Community: Cultivating the Bridging Leader in Me (An End of Year Celebration!)
São Paulo, December 10
BL Community and GPC Brazil members will be joined by a variety of special guests, all of whom have in common that they are distinguished leaders, albeit from different causes areas and different forms of social impact. We will provide a space for exchanges and peer consulting, where participants can raise the challenges they face in their roles as leaders for change, listening to and providing insights and provocations from peers and more experienced leaders. We will end the evening celebrating this gathering and the closing of 2021. (Meeting will be held in Portuguese.)


August 2021

Bridging Leadership Next Generation Community: Bonding Activity
August 26

June 2021

Synergos Encuentro LatAm
June 18 • Varias oradoras
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Synergos Global Gathering
June 15-16 • Various Speakers
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May 2021

GPC Food Systems Collaborative Community Meeting
May 25 • With Dan Barber

Philanthropy in the COVID-19 Pandemic - Lessons Learned One Year On
May 6 • With Peggy Dulany

April 2021

Gender Equity: What Leading Changemakers Are Learning about Deep, System Level Change in Tackling Patriarchy & Gender Stereotypes in Year 2021
April 29 • With Riccarda Zezza, Regina Honu and Emily May

Dialogue in Action - Global Case Studies on How Dialogue is Happening at a Local Grassroots Level
April 27

Art for Purpose and Social Change
April 6 • With Evgeny Afineevsky and Lauren Embrey

March 2021

Funders of Mindfulness & Spirituality Community Meeting
March 25 • Review Highlights

Strengthening Resilience in Times of Adversity
March 2 • With Nancy Mannix 

February 2021

What If a Fire Never Became a Disaster?
E se um incêndio nunca se transformasse em desastre?
February 24 • Various Speakers
Video (English) & Resources | Video (Português) & Mais informações

A Conversation with Michael Pollan
February 3 

January 2021

Challenges & Joint Opportunities in the Distribution of a Global Covid-19 Vaccine
January 19 • With Henrietta H. Fore, Etleva Kadilli, Aboubacar Kampo and Peggy Dulany

The Wake-Down Workshop
January 15-17, 2021 • Zvi Ish-Shalom
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December 2020

Environmental Optimism: Philanthropic Approaches to Solving the Climate and Conservation Crises
December 15 • With Joanna Messing, Tom Rivett-Carnac and Jessica Sweidan

November 2020

Funders of Mindfulness and Spirituality Virtual Gathering
November 19-20

October 2020

David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award
October 27
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Synergos Global Gathering
October 27-29
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September 2020

Inner Work for Social Change Virtual Learning Series
September 2, 16, 30 & October 14 • Various Speakers
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August 2020

Rx Healing Circles: Aligning Truth & Intent for Transformation
August 13 • With Dr. Gail Christopher
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Making Death an Ally for Living Our Fullest Life: Sessions II & III
August 4 & 5 • With Shahabuddin David Less
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July 2020

COVID-19: The Human Rights Dimension
July 30
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Funding from a Place of Trust: Focus on Asia/Pacific Philanthropy
July 29
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The View from Home: Conversations about our common future
July 20, 21, 23 & 24
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Intentional Action for Racial Justice
July 16 • With Lauren Embrey, Amy Brakeman and Hali Lee
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Resilience and Wellbeing for Effective Social Change
July 15 • With Gretchen Steidle
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Financiando desde la confianza
July 14
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Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation
July 9 • With Dr. Gail Christopher
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Funding from a Place of Trust: Focus on Africa-MENA Philanthropy
July 7