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Events Calendar 2018-2019

Global Philanthropists Circle


Learning Journey to Colombia
Colombia, September 1-6, 2019
This will be the second opportunity of the year for members to embark on a special learning journey to a Latin American destination. Participants will also have the opportunity to connect with thought leaders and visit sites where important, innovative philanthropic work that relates to Latin American issues is being done. The group’s closer bond since the first learning journey and subsequent events can allow for new opportunities of collaboration, as well as more profound insights to occur.

Montana Retreat at J Bar L Ranch
Montana, United States, September 8-15, 2019
The annual Montana Retreat allows participants to step outside of their daily routine and environment, providing space in an undisturbed, scenic natural setting to clarify and sharpen individual life purpose. This retreat is designed to enable participants to approach their lives and social engagement in the world with greater joy and clarity. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the world around them (both personal and societal), take a step back and retreat into silence in nature to reflect on what can and must be done in order to align with one’s deepest sense of purpose. They will also share stories, enabling each to form a plan to carry forward what has been learned, through individual and collective visions, intentions, and commitments.


Global Philanthropists Circle Meeting & Spiritual Civilization Gathering in Europe 
Windsor, United Kingdom, October 13-15, 2019
Join us to examine your philanthropic work and social investments through the lens of Synergos' bridging leadership approach. This approach has trust, collaboration, personal reflection and systems thinking at its heart, and enables us to tackle complex and systemic social inequalities. This intimate gathering will be designed to maximize peer learning, exchange and inspiration, while providing interactive exercises that can be applied to increase each of our impact in the world. 

Synergos Network Visit to Turkey
Istanbul & Şanlıurfa, Eastern Turkey, October 17-19, 2019
Join Peggy Dulany, Synergos Founder, and leading Turkish philanthropic families for a 3-day trip to Istanbul and Şanlıurfa, Eastern Turkey. The program will include site visits to community projects; discussions and experiences that will give you a sense of the pressing issues Turkey faces today and effective ways local philanthropists, and other leaders, are working to make a positive impact.

GPC Member, Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, will host visiting and local GPC members for an intimate dinner and discussion on philanthropy, as experienced in the region. The visit will include a trip to Şanlıurfa, Eastern Turkey, for a closer look at life at the border with Syria and to meet with key changemakers, including the work of GPC Member Esra Özsüer’s  Maya Foundation, which provides psychosocial support, community awareness and integration of Syrian and Turkish children.


Synergos Philanthropy Week in California
Palo Alto & San Francisco California, November 14-16, 2019
Connect and exchange ideas with fellow Circle Members from around the world for the third of three major convenings of the network, to be held in California. Global philanthropists will come together to discuss successful approaches and challenges to poverty alleviation and to increase their knowledge and capacity to act effectively, find inspiration, and explore possibilities for collaboration.

Latin America Philanthropists Circle Gathering
São Paulo, Brazil, November 27, 2019
This full-day meeting will convene Latin America Philanthropist Circle members to dive deep into how Bridging Leadership, Systems Thinking and Partnerships have been present in their own philanthropy. Recurring themes and needs the group has presented throughout the year will be further explored, allowing for the exchange of stories and reflective practices in order to further connect members with one another.

Bridging Leadership Brazil IV Session 1
São Paulo, Brazil, November 29-December 1, 2019
The Bridging Leadership for Social Investment Program commences with a new cohort of young philanthropists and social investors, brought together for their first immersive, weekend long retreat. Here, they begin to learn about what it means to be a bridging leader, share their philanthropic visions among peers and acquire valuable lessons on philanthropy and social investment.


JUNE 2019

Bridging Leadership Mexico
Mexico City, June 3, 2019
Bridging Leadership program participants learn how to embrace systems change, bridge gaps, and collaborate with multi-sector stakeholders (including government, private sector and civil society) in order tackle complex social inequalities.

Latin America Philanthropists Circle Gathering
São Paulo, Brazil, June 6-7, 2019
This two-day gathering will feature guest speakers and rich conversations on the field of philanthropy in Latin America, including one day in which local philanthropists from outside the Synergos network will also be invited to join. During this gathering, philanthropists from the Latin America will have a chance to connect with one another and explore possibilities of collaboration, as well as a chance to discuss relevant issues regarding their own philanthropy. Bridging Leadership and Systems Thinking will be especially looked at as forms of creating impact, and in order to go even further into these topics, attendees will also participate in a learning visit. In addition, due to the regional nature of this gathering, pressing issues that affect the social landscape of Latin America and how they shape philanthropy will be a key theme.

Latin America Philanthropists Circle Retreat
Countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, June 8, 2019
To continue deepening relationships and crafting ideas for collaborative action, members of the Latin America Philanthropists Circle will come together for a full day amongst nature in a peaceful setting close to São Paulo.  Here, the group will also reflect on how innerwork (mindfulness and consciousness) play a role in their individual practices and projects.

Bridging Leadership Brazil III Session 4
São Paulo, Brazil, June 14-16, 2019
Participants of the Bridging Leadership Program come together for their fourth and final session of the program, that will have a special emphasis on the importance of multi-stake holder partnerships and collaborations, as well as systems thinking. Here, they will revisit their social practices and be able to plan their next steps as philanthropists and social investors.

Gathering for Funders of Mindfulness and Spirituality 
Switzerland, June 16-19, 2019
If you are a funder or investor supporting mindfulness, consciousness, mind science, wellness, spirituality, and/or faith, join like-minded peers to exchange ideas and best practices. We are gathering at a peaceful and natural setting picturesque Switzerland to share projects and learnings, connect with peers and explore potential collaborations, and participate in contemplative and reflective practices. Our goal is to create a gathering where we can share knowledge and strengthen relationships to build a wider pool of partners and collaboration opportunities.

MAY 2019

Synergos Philanthropy Week in New York
New York, United States, May 7-10, 2019
We connected and exchanged ideas with fellow Circle Members from around the world for the first of three major convenings of the network in 2019. Global philanthropists and social investors came together to discuss ways to solve complex problems of poverty and to increase their knowledge and capacity to act effectively, find inspiration, and explore possibilities for collaboration. The annual GPC Members Meeting and Affinity Group discussions were a part of the program, as well as peer consulting sessions and Bridging Leadership training.

Bridging Leadership Open Workshop
New York, United States, May 7, 8:30am-12:30pm, 2019
GPC members, their guests, and the wider Synergos network were invited to this interactive workshop. We heard from accomplished bridging leaders about their work and insights, and through dynamic group work, learnt how to apply this unique leadership approach in our own social impact practice and lives. Breakfast was provided.

David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award
New York, United States, May 7, 2019
It was an evening of inspiration about how we can create positive change by deepening trust, strengthening collaboration, and releasing the energy and ideas of individuals, communities, and organizations around the world. At the event, formerly known as University for a Night, we honored outstanding global leaders. GPC Membership provides each member family with two tickets to this event. To purchase additional tickets or sponsor the event, contact a member of the Synergos Philanthropy team.

GPC Members Meeting
Council on Foreign Relations, New York, May 8-9, 9am-4pm, 2019
Our largest annual gathering focused on how philanthropists and social investors can apply the Synergos approach - bridging leadership, inner work, trusted partnerships, and systems thinking - to have a meaningful impact on the urgent issues they care about, from social justice to climate change. Sessions incorporated member stories, voices from the front lines, music, personal journaling and group exercises, peer coaching, table conversations with fellow members, as well as an invitation from Synergos CEO (and fellow GPC member) Henri van Eeghen to discuss innovative directions for Synergos' philanthropy program. Business/smart casual attire was recommended.

GPC Spiritual Civilization Gathering
New York, United States, May 10, 2019
This full-day meeting convened all GPC members interested in diving deeper to explore Spiritual Civilization - what can be done to increase consciousness, or awareness, in society of the ideals that drive members of society to help each other and work towards the greater good. The ideals of love, compassion, purpose, altruism, ethics and creativity were examined on a personal, philanthropic, and societal level through the exchange of stories and reflective practices. The day involved dialogue walks and outside time.

Montana Retreat Reunion
Peggy Dulany's Home, United States, May 10-11, 2019
Those who have attended a past Montana Retreat were invited to a reunion with Peggy and other retreat alumni. We deepened our mutual connections and explored how to build upon our shared experience to increase our effectiveness as human beings - in our work, relationships, and philanthropy. 

Re-grounding for Well-Being: A Retreat at Channel Rock
Cortes Island, British Colombia, Canada, May 30-June 3, 2019
Our Re-grounding for Well-Being Retreat invited participants to consider the power of our environment and earth in living one's life purpose and vocation to the fullest. Over the course of five days, we experienced deep and intentional immersion in the natural surroundings and rich local history of Cortes Island in British Colombia, Canada. Retreat participants were hosted by Synergos Board member and Global Philanthropists Circle member Elliot Donnelley at Channel Rock on Cortes Island. Accessible by foot or boat only, Channel Rock's 140 acres of forest preserve offers an unparalleled space for deep reflection and re-grounding.

APRIL 2019

GPC Members Dinner in South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa, April 1, 2019
Graciously hosted by GPC member Victoria Engelhorn in her home in Cape Town, join Peggy Dulany and other GPC members and friends for a wonderful dinner and engaging conversation about African philanthropy. Attendees will have a chance to share their stories, and to learn from one another alongside the Synergos Institute founder herself.

Bridging Leadership Program III in Mexico
Saltillo, Mexico, April 5-6, 2019
Bridging Leadership program participants learn how to embrace systems change, bridge gaps, and collaborate with multi-sector stakeholders (including government, private sector and civil society) in order tackle complex social inequalities. For part 3 of the Mexico BL program, participants will undergo a journey of personal reflection. The aim is to increase self-awareness, vision and individual mission, awareness of the system, and consequently align intentions and actions.

Latin America Philanthropists Circle gathering
Mexico City, April 8, 2019
The Latin America Philanthropists Circle is a community of some of the top philanthropists and social investors in the Latin American region. With initial country chapters being launched in Brazil and Mexico, we offer unique opportunities for peer learning and collaboration while leveraging the global connections of the Synergos Institute, enabling members to be more strategic and effective.

Members Gathering with Peggy Dulany
São Paulo, Brazil, April 11, 2019
Members of the GPC and Latin America Philanthropists Circle come together with Peggy Dulany to engage in a lively conversation and rich interpersonal exchange about their experiences with philanthropy. Attendees will have a chance to share their stories, and to learn from one another alongside the Synergos Institute founder herself.

Bridging Leadership Brazil III Session 3
São Paulo, Brazil, April 12-14, 2019
Led by Peggy Dulany, the third session of Bridging Leadership in Brazil features a retreat in nature, allowing participants to reflect on their individual purpose and commitments, as well as exploring the theme of inner work and its importance in philanthropy.

MARCH 2019

Reunion of September 2017 Funders of Mindfulness and Spirituality Gathering 
San Francisco, California, March 1, 2019
Just over a year ago 70 individuals gathered in Scotts Valley, California for the first-ever gathering for funders of mindfulness, spirituality, and consciousness. Together we shared our individual practices and projects, deepened relationships, and crafted ideas for collaborative action. Join us for a special reunion for gathering participants in San Francisco. Over a salon discussion and early dinner we will reground, reconnect, and share updates on the key themes and actions that emerged at our 2017 gathering.

Dialogue with Jed Emerson on the Purpose of Capital
Webinar, March 6, 2019
Hosted by the GPC Impact Investing and Spiritual Civilization Affinity Groups, join Jed Emerson for a discussion on how we can transform the world and ourselves in the management of capital by developing a deeper, more significant understanding of the purpose of capital for our community and for ourselves.


GPC Webinar with Ayşe Belger and FPG Child Development Institute
Webinar, February 28, 2019
GPC members are invited to join Ayşenil Belger, director of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) and professor of psychiatry at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for an interactive webinar focusing on opportunities and challenges related to conducting interdisciplinary research with children and families and translating newfound knowledge into research-based practice. Dr. Belger will be joined by Allison Metz, director of the National Implementation Research Network at FPG, in the science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention who work in the field to support children, families, and communities. The webinar will include discussion of how philanthropists can partner with FPG to transform children’s lives, especially those children who are most vulnerable.

Capacity Building Across Borders: A Three-Part Strategy for Funders
Webinar, February 28, 2019
Capacity Building Across Borders, a new report written by Synergos and commissioned by the Citi Foundation, explores how funders (and their NGO partners) can build NGO capacity more effectively, or perhaps start it for the first time. Drawing upon more than 50 interviews with leaders from both funders and civil society groups in 23 countries, the report surfaces some of the most salient considerations for making capacity building work more meaningful and impactful. For more information and to register follow this link.