Authentic Leadership Immersion

April 11-14, 2024 • Watershed Center • Millerton, New York

“The way this retreat was designed to take care of us, really immerse in nature, with one another and ourselves is a dance that we need to be able to do out in the world as well. In a way it’s modeling a kind of connection that can be built upon once we leave and that’s powerful.”
— 2023 Rising Leaders Retreat participant

Taking an intentional pause from our routine allows us to create the conditions for our inner clarity to arise and guide us thoughtfully and purposefully. 

This is an invitation for rising leaders who are devoting their resources and talents to creating meaningful change in the world; and who understand the importance of wielding power and influence responsibly and with integrity.

Our programming will explore how authentic leadership can help us bridge divides and create regenerative and equitable futures in service of life. This retreat allows leaders to connect deeply with their body, mind, and spirit, and create alliances with other change-makers. This Synergos Rising Leaders Program is designed for global social change leaders and philanthropists from 22 to 40 years old.

Together, we will explore the following inquiries: 

  • How do I use my resources and talents to serve the whole with integrity?
  • What legacy do I want to leave behind?
  • What leadership skills are needed to address complex problems in our interconnected world?



Please note there are two types of participant fees:

  • Private single room: $1,200 per person
  • Shared double room: $800 per person

Fees include accommodation for 3 nights, meals, and all on-site activities.

Cancellations: If, due to circumstances beyond Synergos' control, we are unable to host this event, the participant will be promptly notified of cancellation and a full refund of the registration fee will be processed. If the participant is unable to attend and cancels their registration before March 24, 2024, Synergos will refund 50% of the registration fee. No refunds thereafter. 

Participation in this event is limited to invited guests.





The Watershed Center is a retreat center for change-makers located on a 73-acre farm adjacent to hundreds of acres of state forest, two-hours north of New York City in Millerton, New York. With 19th century farmhouses, post-and-beam barns, a 30-foot yurt, swim lake, hiking trails, waterfalls and a beautiful organic farm, the Watershed center provides an ideal setting for visionary thinking. Farm fresh meals and homey accommodations allow participants to relax and deepen into their learning experience.



Thursday, 11 April

4:00 PM Arrivals
  Afternoon Session: Welcome and Orientation
6:00 PM Dinner

Friday, 12 April

8:00 AM Breakfast
  Morning Session: Landing in Self and the Environment
12:30 PM  Lunch
  Afternoon Session: Exploring our Inner Landscape
6:00 PM Dinner

Saturday, 13 April

8:00 AM Breakfast
  Morning Session: Becoming Bridging Leaders
12:30 PM  Lunch
  Afternoon Session: Community Project Visit - Connecting Inspiration to Action
  Community Sharing & Building
6:00 PM Dinner

Sunday, 14 April

8:00 AM  Breakfast
  Morning Session: Closing Ceremony - Integration & Commitments
12:30 PM Closing Lunch
1:30 PM Departures



''Melissa Durda is a certified holistic life coach and Senior Director, Philanthropy at Synergos, a global nonprofit organization that brings people together to help solve complex issues around the world by advancing bridging leadership, which builds trust and collective action. Melissa oversees the Synergos Spiritual Civilization Collaborative Community, which explores the intersection of philanthropy, contemplative practices, self-reflection and spirituality. Melissa hosts the Synergos Cultivate the Soul: Stories of Purpose-driven Philanthropy, where leaders in philanthropy discuss how they are connecting inner work to outer action and the impact this creates for change. She has a MSc. in European Political Economy: Transition from the London School of Economics and a BA in International Relations from the University of Virginia. She also leads a Learning Community for the Inner MBA program.


''Becky Sternal is a doctor of clinical psychology, social worker, and somatic psychotherapist. She uses body-centered approaches, expressive arts, EMDR and breathwork to help people heal complex and intergenerational trauma. Becky believes our path to healing is an intentional, integrated commitment to knowing all of our humanity and divinity. To forgo this process subjects ourselves – and those around us – to the transmission of our greatest injuries and suffering. She believes our growth and transformation includes the body, a sensitive and complex container of our emotions and energy. Unlocking these powerful forces can lead to deeper healing and grounding, as well as a connection to sensuality, truth and aliveness. Becky’s kind, open-hearted presence and decades of professional training and practice, encourages growth and compassion, for ourselves, for one another, and for all of life.


For more information about this event please contact Melissa Durda at mdurda@synergos.org.