University for a Night 2013

University for a Night 2013

University for a Night 2013 brought together more than 340 participants from more than two dozen countries to share experience, ideas, and inspiration about how people and institutions from different places and parts of society can work together to solve poverty and other complex problems.

Following an opening reception, the evening began with presentation of the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award to entrepreneur, philanthropist and 108th Mayor of New York City Michael R. Bloomberg. We then heard remarks from Mayor Bloomberg on his philanthropy and experienced a performance on Defining One’s Own Path by philanthropist, author and Emmy Award-winning musician Peter Buffett of the NoVo Foundation.

University for a Night concluded with table discussions led by our Distinguished Faculty -- leaders and experts from around the world the world.

Table Discussion Topics

1. Ecology, community, culture and poverty
Kim Samuel, Scholar in Residence, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

2. Cuba in transition
Daniel Schwartz, CEO, Dynamica

3. Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
Susan Davis, CEO, BRAC USA

4. Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
Nili Gilbert, Co-Founder and Member of the Investment Team, Matarin Capital Management

5. Philanthropy’s role in stopping human trafficking
Katie Ford, Founder, Freedom for All

6. Partnerships to confront global threats
Larry Brilliant, President and CEO, Skoll Global Threats Fund

7. Women’s health and social justice
Adrienne Germain, President Emerita, IWHC

8. Ensuring equitable economic growth - Focus on Africa
Mora McLean, Visiting Scholar, Center for African Studies Rutgers University

9. Economic growth and social entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa
Mirza Jahani, CEO, Aga Khan Foundation USA
George Khalaf, Director, Middle East and North Africa, Synergos

10. Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International

11. Investing in social enterprises and social leaders
John McKinley, Global Fellows Manager, Acumen

12. Strengthening community philanthropy
Lúcia Dellagnelo, Founder and Executive Director, Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis

13. New directions in community-corporate collaboration
John Heller, Senior Strategy and Partnerships Consultant, Synergos

14. The environment, climate change, and local economic development
Ana Paula Tavares, Executive Vice President, Rainforest Alliance
Jeff Horowitz, Founding Partner, Avoided Deforestation Partners

15. Impact Investing: Investing for social and financial returns
Farha-Joyce Haboucha, Managing Director and Director of Socially Responsive Investments, Rockefeller & Co.

16. Impact Investing: Investing for social and financial returns
Wayne Silby, Chair, Calvert Funds

17. Ensuring equitable economic growth - Focus on Latin America
Susan Segal, President & CEO, Americas Society

18. Partnerships for innovation in education
Wanda Engel, Director, Brazil, Synergos

19. Ensuring equitable economic growth - Focus on Latin America
Rosario Perez, CEO, Pro Mujer

20. New directions in family philanthropy
Peter Karoff, Founder, The Philanthropic Initiative

21. Growing philanthropy and strengthening civil society in China
Bing Wang, Chairman, Ai You Foundation

22. Whole-hearted leadership for social and environmental change
Tony Weller, The Gift

23. Using media to inspire action and inform social change
Chip Duncan, President, The Duncan Group

24. Using media to inspire action and inform social change
Cheryl Heller, School of Visual Arts, Chair, MFA Design for Social Innovation, and Principal, Heller Communication Design

25. Impact Investing: Investing for social and financial returns
Max Martin, CEO, Impact Economy

26. Partnerships for food security, sustainable agriculture, and improved nutrition
Richard Deckelbaum, Director, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University

27. Using food to bridge social and economic divides
Kamal Mouzawak, Founder, Souk el Tayeb
Bob Dandrew, Director, Local Economies Project, New World Foundation

28. Partnerships to improve public health
Louise Gresham, CEO, Fondation Mérieux

Thanks to all participants, sponsors and supporters, Mayor Bloomberg, Peter Buffett, and David Rockefeller for helping make the event a success.



David Rockefeller, Sr.
The Rockefeller Foundation

Kim Samuel


Charles Butt
Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow
Vincent and Anne Mai
Josh Mailman and Monica Winsor
Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor


Stanley, Marion, Paul, Sara, David, Eddie and Sharon Bergman
William Bohnett
Raymond Chambers, the MCJ Amelior Foundation

Petr Chitipakhovyan
Claudia Cisneros
Strive Masiyiwa
George and Abby O’Neill
Rockefeller & Co.


Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
JPMorgan Chase

Michael Rennie and Brigitte Ross
Robert C. L. Timpson, Jr.


James M. Brasher III
Diego Bronfenmayer
Kim Brizzolara
Roxanne Cason
Mireya Cisneros
Susan Davis and Claudia Slacik
Vuslat Doğan Sabancı
William H. Draper
Robert H. Dunn
Katie Ford
GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Nili Gilbert
Give to Colombia, Inc.
Michelle Gowdy, Dupont Pioneer
Louise Gresham
Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès
Cynthia Guyer

Hand in Hand South Africa
John Heller and Silvia Siller
Mayra Hernández
Raza Jafar
Lucy Jarvis
Mary´s Gone Crackers
Felipe Medina
Peter Miscovich
Enrique Muñoz
Jonathan Pierce and Jasper Rischen
Pro Mujer
David and Susan Rockefeller
Mark Rubin
Washington SyCip
Theda & Tamblin Clark Smith Family Foundation
Sarah L. Timpson
Mei Ye
Francisco Yong

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