Sliman Mukarker

Synergos Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Power Group

Sliman Mukarker is one of the founders of Power Group, established in 2012, working in the field of media and artistic production. The group creates a space for creativity; provide job opportunities for youth and women. Through the Group’s work they aim to lower youth dependence on companies and NGOs that apprehend their ambitions. Power Group consists of three sub-divisions: Power Help, Power Productions and Radio Power. Through Radio Power, Power Group devotes efforts to reflect the Palestinian youth’s point of view, towards the issues that they face every day.

Radio Power seeks to stir up the public opinion on the issues raised through their various radio shows, also to influence the associations that are responsible for making decisions. They want to increase community awareness about the issues that are at stake. They create a unique platform for youth to discuss taboo issues such as atheism, gay rights, demotic violence and so forth.

Power Group seeks to empower young people and to increase community awareness of the issues affecting their lives. Power Group uses voluntary work as a tool for change to target the less fortunate of the community. And it uses visual arts as well in an attempt to draw the society’s attention to issues related to youth and women, aiming to make a serious change.