Rami Khader

Rami Khader

Synergos Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Diyar Dance Theatre

Rami Khader is the founder of the Diyar Dance Theatre, which uses creative performance art training to inspire young Palestinians to proactively advocate for constructive social change. The Diyar Dance Theater mixes Palestinian folk traditions with modern dance and theatre to cultivate cultural identity, improve mental and emotional health, and provide a unique platform for personal expression.

Youth are encouraged to embrace local arts as a means to promote a positive vision for the Palestinian people, their past, their present, and their future. Youth, often unable to contribute their voice to society, are given the freedom to create unique drama pieces which speak to a variety of topics, whether it be gender equality, unemployment, or identity issues.

In addition to supporting the arts in Palestine, Rami, working within the greater Diyar Consortium of Bethlehem, has also begun an active sports program focusing on engaging women and youth. Currently the Diyar Consortium offers athletic classes to over 100 women and hosts an intramural soccer league.

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