Maged El Said

Maged El Said

Synergos Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Habiba Foundation

Maged El Said is the founder of the Habiba Foundation seeking to realize a sustainable future for South Sinai. Habiba’s primary project, the Habiba Organic Farm, was first cultivated in 2007 to develop new economic models for environmentally conscious agriculture. Habiba pioneered the concept of agritourism in Egypt, becoming the first farm in the country to invite volunteers to live and work on the farm, enriching themselves, the community, and the environment in the process.

Habiba’s latest project, the Palm Date Foundation, seeks to develop vast areas of date palm plantations as a means to create self-reliant and self-sustained communities throughout South Sinai. In partnership with the Desert Research Center, Habiba coordinates exchanges between farmers in the region and acts as a community training center, offering courses on organic plant cultivation and plant disease prevention, identification, and eradication.

Maged envisions Habiba as a dynamic model, continually experimenting with new crops, farming techniques, and economic initiatives to best suit those living in the Sinai. By cooperating with the local community and experts from various fields, Maged seeks to realize a shared vision of environmental awareness, economic independence, and sustainable development.

Maged is both a Synergos' Arab World Social Innovator and a Pioneer of Egypt.

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