Lygia Fontanella

Lygia Fontanella

Synergos Senior Fellow & Private Consultant

Lygia Fontanella-Deadman, is a private consultant focusing on resource mobilization.

Formerly, Ms. Fontanella was the former marketing director of CARE Brazil. She also served as manager of membership and corporate fundraising at the Abrinq Foundation for Children's Rights in Brazil, where she was responsible for the implementation of a project for institutional strengthening. She achieved financial sustainability and established an endowment fund. Her fundraising efforts leveraged domestic private resources and the Foundation’s budget increased from US$1.2 million in 1994 to US$5 million in 1999, while the number of children benefited increased from 14,467 to 653,338 in the same period. Cause-related marketing, sponsorship, promotional campaigns, and joint implementation of long-term social projects were used to establish new partnerships between companies and the Abrinq Foundation; these helped support 75% of its annual budget.

Ms. Fontanella has valuable experience in analyzing market dynamics and understands the needs and interests of companies thanks to her experience working in marketing and sales. Her expertise in evaluating results and managing marketing tools encourages private support of the not-for-profit sector.