Jaime Bolanos

Jaime Bolanos

Synergos Senior Fellow & CEO, Oaxaca Community Foundation

Jaime Bolaños Cacho Guzman is the CEO and director of the Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca (Oaxaca Community Foundation), an institution focused on micro-region social development, corporate social responsibility, and citizenship participation processes, which seeks intra-community, inter-sector and inter-institutional alliances at all levels.

Previously Dr. Bolaños worked as a lawyer in his native city of Oaxaca, Mexico, giving counsel to a number of private and public entities in the state, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the state of Oaxaca. During this period he served as the president of the association of lawyers in Oaxaca.

Dr. Bolaños’ memberships include the International Leadership Council (ILC) at Tufts University, and the International Committee at the Council on Foundations. He has a PhD in law and social investigation, and a Masters of Art in corporate law.

The Oaxaca Community Foundation (FCO) was established in 1996 to foster the participation of society in improving the well-being and quality of life among the marginalized and vulnerable Oaxacan communities, through initiatives that generate fundamental and sustainable changes. The Foundation’s programs include the Local Development Program, the Institutional Building Program, and the Social Responsibility Program, which all focus on local development. Since its inception, the FCO has been able to mobilize and channel more than US$10,000,000 in social investment in the state.