Eugenio Manalo Gonzales

Eugenio Manalo Gonzales

Synergos Senior Fellow & Consulting Associate; Governance & Partnerships Expert, USAID

Eugenio Gonzales is an industrial engineer with several years of experience in strategic planning, project development and management, institutional development, and policy analysis as a project team member, project leader, consultant, and executive officer.

Most recently, Mr. Gonzales has joined the end-of-project evaluation team of USAID's Private Sector Mobilization for Family Planning (PRISM) as the governance and partnerships expert to evaluate PRISM's impact and study the role of private-public collaboration in delivering family-planning services.

As an independent consultant, Mr. Gonzales has provided strategic-planning, project-development, appraisal, and management services to private companies, major donors, and international NGOs, such as the World Bank and the Ford Foundation. As a consultant and Master Trainer of the International Labor Organization, he developed Philippine and Pacific-region versions of ILO training manuals for micro and small entrepreneurs. He also provided facilitation and advisory services on economic development to local governments throughout the country.

Mr. Gonzales developed, and became the lead trainer for, a Financial Literacy & Planning module for ATIKHA, a Philippine NGO providing services to Overseas Filipino Workers, their families, and their communities. He also wrote the Pinoy Guide to Managing Finances for the Ateneo de Manila University, teaching the basics of family financial management to Overseas Filipino Workers.

As executive director of FSSI, the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc., Mr. Gonzales provided technical and financial assistance to small and medium enterprises acting locally and sustainably. He was also a member of the Steering Committee of the Successor Generation Program for CODE-NGO, the Caucus of Development NGO Networks, the largest coalition of NGOS in the country.

Mr. Gonzales interacts with, provides advice and submits policy recommendations to cabinet-level government policy-makers. He also participates in policy discussions with the heads and officers of bilateral and multilateral development agencies as well as international NGOs.