Elliott Donnelley II

Elliott Donnelley II

Synergos Board Member

Elliott Donnelley II is founding general partner of the White Sand Investor Group, LP. Outside of his work in investments, Mr. Donnelley serves on the board of Stanford’s Global Project Center, the LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation, the World Affairs Council of Northern California, and as Chairman Emeritus of the Philanthropy Workshop West.

From 1989 to 1991 Mr. Donnelley lived and worked in Beijing; he now travels to China 6-12 times a year where in addition to managing investments he has been working to promote best models and practices in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and impact investing.

He has appeared as featured speaker at numerous conferences in China and East Asia, and currently serves as Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the China Philanthropy Forum, a founding member of the China Impact Investing Working Group, Co-founder of Phoenix Global Impact, LLC, and as a formal and informal advisor to a number of China based organizations and businesses.

Mr. Donnelley is a graduate of Yale University.

Elliot Donnelley II speaking at the 2018 Dasra Philanthropy Forum