Carlos Fumo

Synergos Senior Fellow & Former Executive Director, Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique

Carlos Fumo, a Mozambican development professional, is the former Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique.

Prior to joining the FDC, he spent seven years working exclusively within the civil society sector where he was active in undertaking capacity building initiatives and stimulating and promoting the emergence of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) in various parts of Mozambique. He also participated in lobbying and advocacy activities to help create more legal and social space for NGOs and CBOs to participate in the development efforts of the country. Mr. Fumo has participated in various international forums of Civil Society Organizations. His expertise and contributions to non-profit research are widely recognized. Most recently, he played a central role in completing a comprehensive national survey and review of micro-credit programs in Mozambique.

Mr. Fumo is trained in adult education and has 12 years of working experience within the public sector in the Ministry of Education.