Antonio Carlos Martinelli

Antonio Carlos Martinelli

Synergos Senior Fellow

Antonio Carlos Martinelli has an academic and professional background in business administration, business psychology and philosophy. In 1991 he created the Instituto C & A for Social Development, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting education for children and adolescents from low-income families, where he served as President until 1999.

He was Senior Consultant for Price Waterhouse in the areas of strategic planning and human resources. Mr. Martinelli held the position of Director of Human Resources for several years at C&A Modas Ltd., one of the biggest European chainstores in the fashion industry.

Through his participation in seminars and conferences, Mr. Martinelli has worked to disseminate the concepts and practices of corporate social responsibility in Brazil and throughout Latin America. He worked as a volunteer for more than ten years in the Escola de Pais do Brasil (School of Fathers of Brazil), a non-profit organization focused on the education of fathers-to-be, in order to increase their awareness and responsibility.

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