TV spots raise awareness about child drowning in Bangladesh

Overhead view of group meeting in rural area of Bangladesh

“Attendance at crèches (day care centers) from 9am to 1pm can avert drowning deaths of children under five. Let us act responsibly and prevent child drowning deaths.”

So says a television ad produced by the Drowning Prevention Partnership to be shown on major TV networks in Bangladesh from November-December 2018 to raise awareness about the problem of child drowning, and the need to prevent it.

The Drowning Prevention Partnership is a growing coalition of organizations, businesses, government actors, and community groups led by Synergos that is working to end the plague of child drowning that devastates communities across Bangladesh.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and coordinated by Synergos, the partnership’s goal is to help the government of Bangladesh and others fully adopt a proven, sustainable solution to child drowning as part of the country's larger strategy for achieving the Sustainable Development goals.