Synergos' Adewale Ajadi: Tapping Nigeria's Growing Diversity to Boost Growth, not Conflict


Writing in Nigeria's Premium Times in June 2018, Synergos Nigeria Country Director talked about how a new model of leadership is needed to take advantage of the diversity in his country and build a more peaceful, prosperous future.

“Since the beginning of the year, too many people have lost their lives to conflicts, over our failure to turn these asset of human capacity, variety and approaches into the blessings for our country. It is a painful regret that our diversity is being exploited as a platform of grievances and conflict leading to mass killings and not as a driver of excellence.

In Synergos Institute, we have created a model of leadership we call ‘bridging leadership’, used successfully across the world in places like Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and piloted with communities active with our agriculture work in Nigeria.

Bridging leadership is about creating and sustaining collaborative and effective relations by ‘bridging’ different perspectives for solutions. In my words, it is the ability to work across worlds to inspire excellence for a common good. It is no surprise, I think, that we in Nigeria are not only lacking in bridging leaders, especially because we are still in the thrall of representativeness, but we deeply need this bridging leaders at this fractious and divisive time in our journey.”