Video: Mohamed Amzy: Reviving the Nubian culture in Egypt through video

Mohamed Amzy of NubaTube shooting video

Mohamed Amzy is a start-up social entrepreneur who is trying to raise awareness and resist the erosion and demolition of the Nubian culture, language, art, and handicrafts. He works to empower the Nubian community in Egypt through visual media and interactive online videos.

In 2015 he created NubaTube, a YouTube channel posting daily videos on Nubian language, history, literature, heritage and arts of the Nubian people. As part this, he trained a group of Nubian media enthusiasts on filming, editing, directing and presenting. NubaTube is supporting cultural diversity in Egypt and revive Nubian identity and culture, and as a way to also empower Nubian women.

NubaTube aims to be a community-empowering tool and a free source for alternative media for Nubians all over Egypt who were forcibly resettled and were taken out of their land and their roots. It is also useful for researchers and journalists interested in Nubian culture and history.

The Synergos Pioneers of Egypt program helped Mohamed buy the camera equipment needed to start his media studio and YouTube channel. In its first year, the YouTube channel was very successful, with about 1,660 subscribers and more than 70,000 views.