Spiritual Civilization: Personal Stories: Mark Chen

It started 26 years ago with my spiritual and scientific curiosity. As a Minister of Science, my father was interested in science and spirituality. He came across research on re-reincarnation. We read many books and research papers from from Harvard, Princeton, University of Virginia etc. With reincarnation there could only be two possibilities: either reincarnation does not exist or it exists. If it does not exist, then life is simple. I can live my life as it is. Make money after MBA etc etc. However, if reincarnation does exist then it’s serious. I am responsible towards my relationships and what I create.

We gathered massive data that suggested possibility of reincarnation. I took my Harvard notebook and spoke to many masters. Finally, one master told me that, “Now you stop asking questions. Now start experiencing it in reality. You don’t have to wait till the end. Once you start meditating, you will be able to experience it yourself.”

I began with science and moved into meditation. I mediated for long times. Sometimes 7 days at one time. My father was from MIT. He believed in scientific inquiry. However, after meditation he could resolve many past lives.

Religions were the institutions that preserved the sacred methods and teachings of experiencing reality (meditation). In old days there were no schools, colleges, research institutions to do the same. The teaching or methods themselves are not religious. They do not belong to any religion. These are sacred methods. A gift to the mankind.

Biography (via McKinsey on Society)

Mark Yu-Ting Chen is a Taiwanese philanthropist whose family has been prominent in both politics and philanthropy since the time of the Civil War in China. Today he manages the Chen family’s extensive philanthropic work in greater China, much of which focuses on education. He also works as a consultant helping wealthy Chinese business owners devise sound philanthropy strategies.

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