Maya Foundation

Maya Foundation was launched in October 2015 in Turkey to provide psychosocial support, community awareness and integration of Syrian and Turkish children. The leadership of the foundation is driven by the desire to fuel more public-private partnerships as a response to the complex needs of families and children in crisis.

We dream of a productive society, open to exploration, devoted to helping others, filled with healthy individuals who have had a free and safe childhood. We established Maya Foundation with the aim to create a safer and more desirable world for children and youth; to support their academic, mental and physical development, to create a future where they can express themselves freely, think creatively and reach their full potential.

The Project Lift designed rehabilitation program helps children recover from their trauma by applying visual art, music, movement and dance therapy based on Skills for Psychological Recovery model.

Help to the schools and child oriented institutions with poor economic opportunities, the aim is to improve the children’s academic growth.

With the Heart to Heart project, we are working to provide psychosocial support and psychological healing to the children from Turkey, who have been exposed to traumatic experience. We aim to reduce the effects of traumatic events in our country on our children and ensure that they look ahead in a safe and sane manner.