Science for Tibetan Monks

The vision of the Science for Monks initiative is to create an indigenous capacity for science education and dialogue across the Tibetan Buddhist monastic centers of higher-learning.

Its mission is two-fold: (1) to develop the science leadership needed to grow and sustain science learning that engages Buddhism with science, with an emphasis on cosmology, neuroscience, and scientific inquiry; and (2) to disseminate the work of the monastics and their unique perspective on science and spirituality.

The overall goal in the next five years is to establish leadership programming that ensures enduring and growing science learning and dialogue:

I. Building the capacity of monks and nuns to teach and share science within their local monastic communities

II. Creating a network of leaders in monastic institutions across India needed to sustain and extend science education and dialogue

III. Disseminating scientific and Buddhist ideas on topics of common interest through publications, media and exhibits