Sustainable Food Lab

The Sustainable Food Lab is a global community of leaders seeking to change the ways we grow, harvest, buy and distribute food. Its mission is to accelerate the sustainable food trend from niche to mainstream so that we can ensure a healthy future for the planet and its people.

Leaders from businesses, governments, farm groups and non-governmental organizations are engaging in dialogue and action through the Sustainable Food Laboratory to create innovations that make food systems more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable-in other words, profitable and affordable, in balance with nature, and good for producer and consumer communities.

Among its achievements to date, it has brought together a Global Business Coalition for Sustainable Food, which is developing sustainability standards for members. Its sustainable supply chain work has connected major food buyers to sustainable food producers in Central America, and soon Africa.

Synergos was a co-convenor of the Sustainable Food Lab, which is now an independent venture, housed at the Sustainability Institute.

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