Foundation Building Sourcebook: A Practitioners Guide Based upon Experience from Africa, Asia and Latin America

By A. Scott DuPree and David Winder with Cristina Parnetti, Chandni Prasad and Shari Turitz


What are strategies for raising an endowment? How can the creation of a board strengthen a foundation? What are effective grantmaking programs?

The Foundation Building Sourcebook presents diverse approaches to these and other questions that grantmaking foundations around the world face. Containing first-hand material from nineteen grantmaking foundations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as careful analysis, the Sourcebook is a powerful tool for anyone interested in strengthening foundations.

It provides information on how to:

  • Get started
  • Raise financing, including endowments
  • Recruit and develop a governing board
  • Create a skilled professional staff
  • Develop effective grantmaking programs
  • Communicate what you do.