Our Global Network

Synergos works with networks of individual leaders around the world – including philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders – helping them connect to purpose and become more open-hearted and capable of building trust and collaboration. The result: greatly increased capacity to be forces for change in their communities, countries, and around the world.

Network Program Offerings

Senior Fellows network meeting in Nepal

Civil society leaders from more than 50 countries

Launched in 1999, the Senior Fellows program links extraordinary civil society leaders in a worldwide learning, service and action network. We help increase their capacity to address the systemic causes of poverty and promote sustainable social change.


A community of more than 100 families

Founded in 2001 by Peggy Dulany and her father, David Rockefeller, the Circle designs opportunities for peer learning and collaboration, enabling members to be more strategic and effective in their philanthropy and social investing.

Young people at SHAMS project in Jordan

Innovators in a region of change

Synergos supports the social entrepreneurs who are meeting the needs of nearly two million people in the Middle East and North Africa. They combine innovation and business skills to meet pressing social needs of their communities in sectors including education, health, energy and the environment, sanitation, arts and culture, and youth employment.

Members of our LINC South Africa network

Leaders in the children's sector

LINC is a fellowship of over 100 leaders from government, NGOs, business and donors in the South Africa children’s sector, from organizations providing services to more than 13.5 million children and youth.

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  • Global Philanthropist Circle

  • Social Entrepreneurs in the Arab World

  • LINC South Africa