Shannon St. John

Shannon St. John

Synergos Senior Fellow

Shannon E. St. John is the Founder of Second Star Philanthropic Services, a position she assumed in 2006 to focus on promoting philanthropy worldwide. Previously, she led the Triangle Community Foundation (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA) for 21 years while also serving in leadership positions in the philanthropic field locally, nationally, and internationally.

From 2006 to 2018 she was also a member of Synergos Global Philanthropists Circle staff.

Ms. St. John has worked with philanthropic organizations in countries throughout the world. Her particular topics of expertise are strategy development, community foundations, asset development, donor engagement, sustainability, and promotion of philanthropy. Within Synergos, she serves as relationship manager to members of the Global Philanthropists Circle, philanthropic families committed to addressing poverty and equity issues in the developing world. She is a Board Member of the King Baudouin Foundation United States. She also served as an Eisenhower Exchange Fellow to Bulgaria in 1996.