Sandra Libunao

Sandra Libunao

Synergos Senior Fellow & Independent Consulting Associate

Sandra Libunao is an independent consultant based and working in Manila in the Philippines. Her work currently focuses on health, human resources and organization development targeting the health sector, NGOs (local, international) and government agencies

She has  vast experience in designing training curricula, marketing courses, soliciting funding for subsidies, coordinating faculty meetings, leading training sessions, preparing and consolidating participant evaluations and acting as a resource person and consultant in areas of expertise.

As Assistant Director of the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) from 1997-1999, Ms. Libunao headed the Training and Consulting Unit mandated by the organization to generate surplus as one of its sustainability strategies and to implement international networking programs. Prior to that, she served as Senior Manager of Human Resource Development and as a Senior Program Officer at PBSP.

Ms. Libunao has solicited, negotiated and managed consulting engagements that include: Consultative Workshop in Southeast Asia on Social Accountability 8000 (1999), Levi Strauss Independent Evaluation Project (1999), Levi Strauss Foundation's Community Partnership Grant Program (1998), Employee Volunteer Program of Levi Strauss Philippines (LSPI) and Red Tab Foundation. In 1999-2000 she evaluated Synergos’ Southeast Asian Program on strengthening Civil Society Resource Organizations in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Ms. Libunao holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication arts and a Masters of Science in human resource development from the University of Manchester in December 1995. She has written a case study on Change Management (1998) and several articles human resource management and development.