Sally Bahgat

Sally Hafez Bahgat

Synergos Social Entrepreneur & Founder, Oasis Community Center

Sally Hafez Bahgat established the Oasis Community Center as a sustainability education center, a 10,000 square meters piece of greenery and desert land, carrying eco-friendly buildings and facilitating children’s environmental activities.

In order to help solve the problem of scarcity of energy, water, and food, the Oasis Community Center provides curricula-based-education, hands-on training, and practical show-casing to school kids on sustainability issues. This is done through Oasis Green Day and Green Camp for children from national and international schools, and university undergraduates.

In order to provide the same standard of environmental education to all Egyptian kids, Sally founded Khadra, a long-term education project for children from public schools and orphanages about environmentalism, where children learn about gardening, up cycling and recycled fashion.

Through Khadra, and in collaboration with PwC, Oasis aspires to be part of the solution for environmental sustainability in Egypt by educating and encouraging school children to make lifestyle changes and to adopt simple habits to manage solid waste, conserve energy and water.

Sally wishes to see this center replicated nation-wide as satellites, acting as local flagship for sustainability education all over Egypt, and thereafter for all Arabic-speaking countries. The satellites shall be operated by women from the locality, serving the neighboring schools, and university students. Satellites will then be a game-changer of the education scheme nation-wide, as well as opportunities for women’s employment.

Sally Bahgat speaks to kids at Oasis Community Center