Pushpa Singh

Synergos Senior Fellow & CEO, GuideStar India

Pushpa Aman Singh is CEO of GuideStar India, India’s first fully-searchable online database of nonprofits. GuideStar India will advance transparency, enable better decision-making, and encourage charitable giving in Indian civil society.

Formerly, Ms. Singh was the CEO of the GIVE Foundation, a nonprofit promoting efficient and effective giving in India by creating a vibrant philanthropic marketplace. The GIVE Foundation’s theory of social change captivated Ms. Singh and motivated her to enter the social sector after having worked in the private sector for nine years. One of her most significant achievements at GIVE was providing a pool of more than one hundred reliable nonprofits working for a diverse causes using a uniform and transparent screening mechanism. She also played a key role in developing an objective due diligence process for screening nonprofits and setting up simple donor feedback reporting by nonprofits.

Ms. Singh attained a Masters degree in Business Administration. She graduated from the Gujarat University with two gold medals, a prize for Selfless Leadership, and several academic and public speaking awards.