Olive Luena

Synergos Senior Fellow & Founder, Olive Luena Education Trust

Olive Luena is the Founder of OLET, the Olive Luena Education Trust, a non-profit organization that promotes philanthropy, provides education and development opportunities for underprivileged children and youth in Tanzania, East Africa. OLET strives to improve the educational outcomes for students who are lacking financial means of achieving higher education and/or other development opportunities. They place a strong emphasis on working with disadvantaged and children with special needs.

Before founding OLET, she served as CEO of Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT), the nation’s largest organization that provides funds for micro entrepreneurs in East Africa. TGT has and it still is contributing immensely to the economics of Tanzania by helping thousands of micro entrepreneurs get their projects off ground to successful implementation and profitability

Luena’s first profession was a teacher, which is why she is passionate about education. As a former teacher, she knows the value of education and how it can improve the quality of life. Luena came from an underprivileged family herself and was privileged to obtain sponsorships and scholarships to acquire her education. It is through education that she became successfully personally and professionally.

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