Mariana Lome


Mariana Lomé is the Director and professor of the Postgraduate Program on Nonprofit Organizations at San Andrés University, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She coordinates programs at the Centre of Social Innovation at the same University. She is also the chair of the board of Fundación Ambientey Recursos Naturales, a non-governmental, not-for-profit and non-partisan organization whose principal objective is to promote sustainable development through policy, law and the institutional organization of society. More specifically she focuses on working with NGO leadership, communities, art & culture organizations to strengthen NGO capacity and Environmental and food Systems

The Program on Nonprofit Organizations intends to strengthen the performance of Third-Sector organizations by training human resources on their management, promoting studies and research that offer a better understanding of their issues, and encouraging theoretical and methodological developments to enhance their performance. It also organizes extension lectures and conferences, training seminars, and professional updating activities for sector practitioners.

The Program on Nonprofit Organizations is delivered by Universidad de San Andrés and CEDES. This program has been designed for practitioners aspiring to enhance third-sector organizations’ institutional capabilities, pursuing a critical approach to and strategic view of Argentina’s civil society specificities and challenges.

The program has built close ties with other academic institutions around the world that specialize in training and research on nonprofits, corporate social responsibility and civil society. In Argentina, the program works closely with leading social organizations, donor foundations and companies involved in community-based initiatives. Through its network of over 500 alumni, it stays abreast of the third sector’s current concerns and issues.

Prior to this, Mariana Lomé was the Executive Director of Fundación Compromiso (compromiso means “commitment”? in Spanish), an Argentinean non-governmental organization that serves social initiatives by strengthening their management.

From 1991 to 2000, Ms. Lomé worked in Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, the Argentine associate of the World Wildlife Fund. She has also worked as a teacher, journalist and institutional communication editor, video producer, and writer for educational games and e-learning projects.

Ms. Lomé is the co-author of La Comunicación es Servicio (Communication is Service). She is also the head professor in organizational management and administration at the Fundación Walter Benjamin and Universidad CAECE, among other academic activities.

In her personal capacity, Ms. Lomé serves as a volunteer advisor to four Argentinean organizations in formation, crisis and transitional processes.

Ms. Lomé has a degree in communication sciences, with a focus on communication and educational processes, from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and a postgraduate degree in nonprofit management from the Universidad de San Andrés, Universidad Di Tella and CEDES in Buenos Aires.

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