Luiz Alfaya

Luiz Alfaya

Synergos Senior Fellow & Former CEO, Instituto Rukha

Luiz Alfaya, an executive specializing in third sector institutions, served recently as the CEO of Instituto Rukha, an NGO focused on human development and family restructuring for children and young people with a history of child labor and violence; the promotion of local development in poor communities, and the mobilization of civil society. Instituto Rukha has directly influenced the live of 1,200 people through its Projeto Virada Social and indirectly helped more than 3,500 individuals through related projects.

Mr. Alfaya serves as a consultant on branding, communications and marketing related to social responsibility and the third sector, with emphasis in the promotion of the concept of sustainability in Brazil through strategic planning and communication campaigns, such as with the start-up of Instituto Ethos and in the pioneering implementation of a sustainability management practice in large companies such as Banco Real ABN AMRO.

Mr. Alfaya is a councilmember of the Conselho Superior de Responsabilidade Social of FIESP (Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo).