Lucia Dellagnelo

Lucia Dellagnelo


Lucia Dellagnelo is the President of the Innovation Center for Brazilian Education (CIEB). Her work includes driving systemic transformation through innovation and technology, promoting greater equity, quality, and contemporaneity in Brazilian public education. The main beneficiaries include the Brazilian public education sector.

She is also the founder and ex-executive director of Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis (ICom), a non-profit organization based on the concept of the community foundation. ICom was created in 2005 by a steering committee of experienced local professionals, and its Board is composed of leaders from the business, public and social sectors in Brazil. The mission of ICom is to mobilize, articulate and improve social investments made by different sectors of society in the region of Greater Florianopolis. ICom started its grant-making activities in 2006 with the support of local organizations, companies and individuals.

Before founding ICom, Dr. Dellagnello worked as a manager with the Mauricio Sirotsky Foundation, a corporate foundation maintained by Rede Brasil Sul de Comunicação-RBS, a major media group in Brazil. She continues to serve on the foundation's Board of Directors.

Dr. Dellagnelo also worked as a technical advisor for the state Secretary of Education developing partnerships with private and non-profit organizations for the improvement of public education. She coordinated an innovative project to expand learning opportunities for children through services provided by local community organizations.

Dr. Dellagnelo has also worked as a consultant in educational and social projects promoted by national and international organizations, such as the CENPEC, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the World Bank and UNICEF. She was a visiting scholar in the Master in International Studies program on Philanthropy at the University of Bologna and is currently a lecturer on Social Responsibility at UNISUL Business School in Florianopolis.

Dr. Dellagnelo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, a Masters of Arts degree in international education and a Doctorate degree in human development and education from Harvard University.

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