Kazanka Comfort Dada

Synergos Senior Fellow & Director of Operations of the Fantsuam Foundation

Ms. Kazanka Comfort Dada is the Director of Operations of the Fantusam Foundation (fantsuam.net), a Nigerian NGO working to improve women's agency in peace building, integrated rural community development and geriatric care of rural women and older persons.

Her previous focus at Fantusam was on working to eliminate poverty through integrated development programs, and with the vision to create the most effective model of integrated rural development in West Africa. In her position, Ms. Dada plays a strategic role in Fantsuam’s policy direction and project implementation, ensuring that the innovative model of integrated development embarked by her organization continues to place rural woman at its center. The model is challenging but it is helping Fantsuam Foundation deliver a holistic development for its rural host communities.

Ms. Dada started her professional life as a teacher and later went on to study law, followed by a Diploma in Development Studies at the University of Birmingham. She is the Winner of the First Hafkin Africa prize for her outstanding and creative use of information and communication technologies for women in rural communities in Nigeria, and is a member of the APC Africa Women (AAW), a network that works to empower African women’s organizations to access and use information and communication technologies, and the Gender Research into Information Communication Technology for Empowerment (GRACE).


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