Janet Mawiyoo

Synergos Senior Fellow & Independent Consultant

Janet Mawiyoo has over 30-yrs experience in the global non-profit sector. She is a specialist in building development and philanthropic institutions. She has in particular, honed her skills in Non-profit Governance and Management matters, Organizational development and Change management processes, Local resource mobilization and asset development for non-profits. She has been involved in many diverse programmes targeting marginalized communities in Africa, as well as advises high-net-worth families, corporates and other development actors, on impactful philanthropic giving.

Janet stepped down (June 2021) as the Executive Director of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF), the first community foundation in East and Central Africa, where she provided outstanding leadership for 17 years, in growing a recognized African foundation that promotes sustainable development for communities. At KCDF, Janet was instrumental in spearheading the process of structuring relevant alternative ‘vehicles’ for the growth of assets, hence laying the foundation for alternative income streams for KCDF’s mission work and making the foundation a great example for many development organizations in the south to emulate.

Previously, Janet worked in various roles in a number of international organizations including ActionAid International in both Kenya and Tanzania, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), just to mention a few, before joining KCDF. She has served in various boards of philanthropic organisations in Kenya and internationally (including Trust Africa, AccountableNow, Africa Philanthropy Network). Currently, Janet serves in the boards of I & M Foundation, ADAPO which is the Investment arm of KCDF, is a Member of the Advisory Council of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Crimes, and is the current Chair of the Open Society Initiative of East Africa (OSIEA).

Janet is currently pursuing a Global Diploma in Executive and Leadership coaching. She is a certified Organization Development consultant, with a master’s in development administration and management (MA-Econ) from the University of Manchester (UK), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Organization Development Consultancy from the Swiss Institute of Applied Psychology, Switzerland, as well as a Synergos Fellow. Janet has worn various awards including the Exemplary Women’s Leadership Award in Mauritius in 2015, and the Outstanding Leadership Award in 2017, when KCDF celebrated 20 years since its inception.