Jack Sim

Synergos Senior Fellow & Founder, World Toilet Organization

Prof. Jack Sim, serial entrepreneur with 16 successful SME businesses, retired at age 40 to devote himself to social volunteer work at World Toilet Organization (www.worldtoilet.org) and BOP HUB (www.bophub.org). Creator of UN World Toilet Day 19 Nov.

Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum. Ashoka Global Fellow. Synergos Senior Fellow. Time Magazine Hero of the Environment 2008. Queen Elisabeth’s Commonwealth Points of Light Winner 2018, Luxembourg Peace Prize Winner 2018. First Singapore Green Plan 2012 Winner in 2004. 

Adjunct Associate Prof at NUS Business, LKYSPP Masters in Public Policy. Teaching Faculty at Singularity University Mountainview, USA and Copenhagen Campus Denmark in 2019. Graduate from Singularity University Global Solutions Program 2016.

Prime Minister of Samoa honored him with the Ma'tai title of Tuifalevao, Village Chief of Falevao Village in Samoa.

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