Ishwarya Subramanian

Bridging Leadership

Ishwarya Subramanian brings a decade of experience working at the intersection of trust-based, GEDI (gender, equity, diversity and inclusion) intentional philanthropy and capacity building for nonprofit organizations focused in the Global South region. 

Prior to Synergos, she was at Dasra to drive philanthropy towards climate resilience, health, livelihoods with gender justice as a unifying theme. Prior to Dasra, she worked with Give to bridge the gap between grassroots social initiatives and philanthropy by establishing trust and credibility.

She also serves multiple social initiatives working on causes such as freedom of expression and digital rights, mental health and wellbeing, green and sustainable livelihoods etc. She has a Bachelor's degree in Banking and a Post Graduate degree in Social Innovation Management.

Her journey is woven from diverse threads including growing up in a family of grassroots activists, love for Tamil literature, a deep commitment to issues of justice, caste, religion, gender and other intersecting aspects that affect the human context. Her worldview is deeply rooted in feminism, collective action and compassionate inquiry