Durga Sob

Synergos Senior Fellow & President, Feminist Dalit Organization

Ms. Durga Sob is the founding President of the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO - www.fedonepal.org), a Nepalese organization created with the vision to construct a just and equitable society by fighting against caste and gender discrimination. FEDO is an issue-based organization that is challenging Nepalese culture and customs, particularly the currently oppressive system and negative views about Dalit women. The organization takes a participatory approach to development, assessing the needs of the local communities in which it works in order to increase the communities’ ownership of the projects. FEDO’s programs provide Dalit women with the awareness and empowerment they require to improve their lives.

A lifelong advocate for the rights of Dalit and women, Ms. Sob has written numerous papers and articles in national and international publications. She is a former president of the Dalit NGO Federation (DNF), was the member secretary of the National Dalit Commission, and acted as an executive member of the NGO Federation of Nepal. Currently, in addition to her role at FEDO, Ms. Sob serves on the Board of Directors of the International Movement Against all Forms of Discrimination and Racism - Japan (IMADR), and is an Executive Group Member of the International Dalit Solidarity Network - Denmark (IDSN).


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