Daniel Domagala

Daniel Domagala

Director, Partnership Services & Bridging Leadership Programs

Daniel Domagala, Director, Partnership Services & Bridging Leadership Programs, joined Synergos in April 2004. He is primarily responsible for programming for the Bridging Leadership Programs in Mexico and Brazil. He is also working on Synergos’ monitoring and evaluation systems and on employing Internet technologies for our programs.

Daniel is passionate about issues of democracy, human rights, and civic participation. He is particularly interested in civil society's role in improving government and shaping more just and equitable public policy. He is dedicated to supporting local leaders as agents of development.

Daniel has experience in formulating strategy and developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects as diverse as nutrition and housing. Before joining Synergos, Daniel worked in university administration as well as volunteered with the Trickle Up Program, a New York-based microfinance organization. He is an honors graduate of Hunter College and received his Master's degree in public and nonprofit management with focus on policy analysis and program evaluation from New York University.