Christianna Polydorou

Christianna Polydorou

Associate, Global Philanthropists Circle

Christianna Polydorou is an Associate of the Global Philanthropists Circle, a network of leading philanthropic families from more than 30 countries committed to becoming more effective social investors. The GPC is a unique opportunity for philanthropists to increase the impact of their giving and fight global poverty and social injustice on a much larger scale.

With a diverse background and having lived all over the world, Christianna considers herself a ‘global citizen’ and as such holds a strong commitment to making a positive contribution to local communities around the world. While growing up in South Africa she spearheaded several community outreach initiatives aimed at improving access to education for impoverished individuals. She has taken on several leadership roles in youth organizations and is especially passionate about education, leadership training, environmental sustainability and cultural preservation to name a few.

Christianna graduated from the University of Cape Town with a B.Soc.Sc in Psychology and Media & Writing and received her M.A. in China Studies with a focus on international relations and cross-cultural communication from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. She also spent some time in Mexico learning Spanish and was a part of a local fair-trade community initiative in Guerrero aimed at improving access to international markets for local artisans who make unique jewelry using silver and other local resources. In 2017 she played a key role in coordinating and facilitating the YPO youth leadership programs in Switzerland and Austria.