Chi Hui-Jung

Synergos Senior Fellow & CEO, The Garden of Hope Foundation

Chi Hui-Jung has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) since 1992. The Garden of Hope Foundation is a well-known social welfare foundation that focuses on women’s and girl’s issues.

Recognized for her endeavors and contributions throughout the years, Ms. Chi has served on various national and local government bodies, including: the Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion; Committee for Domestic Violence Prevention; the Committee for Human Rights in Education; and the Committee for Teenagers Welfare; the Sexual Harassment Appraisal Committee (Taipei ); the  Social Welfare Committee (Taipei ); and is a Board member of NGOs Association for International Affairs.

Ms. Chi graduated from The National Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in social education and press (1980-1984 Taiwan) and holds a Master of Arts in liberal studies from Valparaiso University (1990-1992 USA).

The Garden of Hope Foundation was set up in 1988 to protect and empower women/girls from domestic violence and sexual abuse/exploitation. The Foundation is also involved in advocacy efforts to address the root causes of these social problems, and in 2005, was a recipient of the Changemakers Innovation Award and the Kellogg’s Children Development Award. In 2001 the Foundation established “The Olive Stone Girls’ Center for Development”, which assists disadvantaged girls in potential development and job preference counseling.  The Center also runs workshops that provide skills training such as baking, jewelry design, and artwork.