Babar Bashir

Synergos Senior Fellow & Executive Director, Rozan

Mr. Babar Bashir is the Managing Director of Rozan (www.rozan.org), a Pakistani NGO that aims to create a society that is self-aware, violence-free, and accepting of itself and of others. The organization works on issues of mental and emotional health, gender, and violence against women and children, and is considered as a pioneer that broke the silence on the issue of child sexual abuse in the country. Rozan is also member of regional network called South Asian Network to address masculinities (SANAM - www.engagingmen.net/networks/sanam).

Mr. Bashir is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi, and has master’s degree in sociology. He is also certified trainer on issues of gender-based violence and gender sensitive active non-violence. During his studies he conducted research, which served as the basis for a research a training module named Engaging with Boys and Young Men to Address Gender-based Violence and Masculinities. Mr. Bashir considers the institutionalization of a curriculum on issues of human rights and violence against women and children into regular police training in Pakistan as a milestone of his professional career.


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