Ana Maria Wilheim

Synergos Senior Fellow & Executive Director, Cara de Brasil Consultores Associados

Ana Maria Wilheim is currently the Executive Director of Cara de Brasil Consultores Associados, a company created with Og Dória, which consults with private and public social investment initiatives and enterprises in Brazil.

Previously, Ms. Wilheim was the director of Instituto DNA Brazil, a Brazilian NGO and alliance of academics, parliamentarians and leaders working together to deepen strategies for developing Brazilian enterprise . Prior to this position, Ms. Wilheim was a private consultant, utilizing her experience as former Superintendent of the Abrinq Foundation for Children's Rights, where for 15 years she helped foster partnerships between the Foundation and private and non-profit organizations; launched many successful media campaigns to promote children’s rights; planned, designed, and implemented major Abrinq projects; and oversaw Abrinq’s structuring and overall management. Before joining Abrinq, Ms. Wilheim worked with numerous women’s and children’s rights organizations in Brazil and with municipal level political campaigns.

Ms. Wilheim holds a degree in Social Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo.

Current projects with which Cara de Brasil is or has recently been involved include the DNA Institute; Brazilian Human Rights Fund, a foundation launched in 2006 to promote human rights in Brazil; Wal Mart Institute, Wal Mart Corporation’s funding arm that invests in community development; and Brazilian philanthropic families on strategic grant-making and creating foundations.