Alberto Croce

Synergos Senior Fellow & Executive Director, Fundación SES

Alberto Croce is the Executive Director of Fundación SES (Sustainability.Education.Solidarity), which supports the promotion and development of different strategies for the social inclusion of Argentina’s millions of teenagers and young people with limited or no opportunities, and provides them with the social environments that help develop social identity and bonds, enabling them to build productive lives.

During the past several years, he has worked to develop and to fortify organizations that have improved the lives of many children and young people in Argentina through “Educación Popular.” From these experiences, he has developed numerous programs and methodologies to increase opportunities for social inclusion for children and young people. He has worked with institutions in the education system and civil society organization, particularly those from poorer communities. He has also participated actively in developing networks to help strengthen third sector organizations, while constantly engaged in public policy work in Latin America.

Alberto Croce is an Ashoka Fellow and part of the partner’s network of the AVINA Foundation. He also advises the Ministry of Education in Argentina on different social programs. He has written and published many articles and books, his latest titled From the Corner – Learning Next to the Young People with Less Opportunities.

The SES Foundation identifies and strengthens the capacity of leading nongovernmental, youth-serving organizations in communities throughout the country. Each organization has a mandate to develop collaborative relationships with other NGOs, local governments, the private sector, and key community leaders in order to jointly create a community response to the needs of young people. The development and evaluation of these community projects receive technical assistance from the Foundation. Each project includes a participatory needs assessment, youth participation, awareness building and communications, local fundraising, and public policy formulation.