Ajay Dahiya

Managing Director, Philanthropy

Ajay Dahiya serves at Synergos in the capacity of Managing Director of Philanthropy. 

Born into a working-class immigrant family from India, Ajay quickly internalized a sentiment that would dictate both his personal and professional lives for decades: the real privilege in life is the privilege of service.

Growing up in a diverse and disparate environment in the outskirts of London, Ajay realized that true fulfillment wasn’t found in material things but through community and a spirit of serving others.  

Ajay’s deep spiritual calling led him to become a monk in his late teens, where he spent almost a decade in service, spiritual practice, and deep reflection on how to realize a healthy, equal, and just society.

He transitioned out of monastic life to apply his commitment to service and belief in the power of catalyzing change agents to lead a number of mission-driven organizations at the forefront of consciousness and social change.

Ajay is committed to challenging the status quo and is deeply driven by the simple, yet impactful concept that uplifting the world is dependent on uplifting human consciousness.