Abdi (Yenni) Suryaningati

Abdi (Yenni) Suryaningati

Synergos Senior Fellow & Transition Adviser for Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards Inclusive Society (AIPTIS)

Abdi Suryaningati's work currently focuses on empowerment of women and marginalized communities, access to services, policy changes and enhancing enabling environment for CSO's operations with marginalized communities and women as well as strengthening public discourse regarding the importance of inclusive society.

She previously served as General Secretary, YAPPIKA – Civil Society Alliance for Democracy and as Executive Director of the Indonesia-Canada Friendship Foundation.

Ms. Suryaningati was also involved with various developmental consulting projects, including “Recycling Development Program,” a joint effort between the Metropolitan Environmental Improvement Programme (MEIP), the UNDP and the World Bank, and served as a Project Coordinator for the Institute for Development.

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