Discussion at the 2016 Global Synergos Senior Fellows Meeting in South Africa

Movement for Dialogue

A co-creation retreat

Philanthropists have a special role to play in fostering deeper levels of understanding and collective vision needed to solve today’s complex challenges.

With conflict, violence and hostility on the rise, collaborative approaches among diverse actors are essential to address local, national, and international issues. Yet seeing others’ perspectives and finding common ground isn’t easy.

Dialogue enables us to relate to each other in open and honest ways. More than two-way conversation, dialogue is a deeper level of communication that is generative. It opens us up to imagine and build solutions that we would not achieve alone.

On January 14-16, Synergos and Music for Dialogue invite you to join us in the Netherlands to co-create a movement to place DIALOGUE at center stage. To deepen our collective understanding of this powerful tool and experiment and develop it in a range of contexts.

Philanthropic initiatives often benefit from engaging divergent parties in dialogue.

Working together across divides releases more and better solutions than going it alone. Dialogue has been an integral part of Synergos’ approach to creating multi-stakeholder solutions from the start.

Along with inner work, systems thinking, and collaboration, dialogue is an essential element of Bridging Leadership. It helps to cultivate a joint sense of ownership and identify new approaches that effectively resolve challenges.

Over the course of a day and a half, we will come together to

  • share our experiences and know-how
  • learn more about how dialogic methods can strengthen our philanthropy
  • explore ways to support one another and coordinate efforts, and
  • shape a new initiative that advances dialogue and brings its lasting benefits to the forefront.



Aviad Meitar

Ori Leshman

Henri van Eeghen

Mark Gerzon

This intimate retreat is hosted by the van Eeghen Family at their estate; participation is by invitation only - for more information contact tsaye@synergos.org as soon as possible.


  • Tuesday, January 14 - Retreat to begin at 13:30; lunch available
  • Wednesday, January 15 - Full day, with group recreation after dinner
  • Thursday, January 16 - Breakfast, with conclusion by 10:00

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