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Global Dialogue Initiative

Briefing on a Collaborative Community


The Global Dialogue Initiative (GDI) is a collaboration between philanthropists and civil society leaders and organisations motivated and passionate about sharing dialogue best practices. We believe that dialogue is critically important to build more cohesive societies, improving connection between people and promoting mutual support and responsibility for each other. Only through dialogue can we realistically build a world in harmony and free of conflict and division.  

The GDI was established at a meeting in the Netherlands in January 2020 by the Synergos Global Philanthropists Circle bringing together a small group of philanthropists and practitioners of dialogue. At this inaugural meeting, the founding group agreed that the GDI would meet regularly and create a space to learn and be inspired by examples of dialogue drawn from the experiences of members of the group. With over 20 members from different parts of the world, the group continues to welcome new members and develop ways to work more closely together. 

The GDI has also launched projects to spread the message of dialogue including a database of individuals and organisations that use dialogue in their delivery and a program to teach the essentials of dialogue to young people known as The Power of Dialogue. 

Events and Programs

2022 Virtual Group Meetings Schedule


Members of the Global dialogue Initiative come together digitally every 4-6 weeks to learn, share and collaborate on specific dialogue projects.


  • Thursday, September 8, 2022


  • Thursday, November 24, 2022

Global Dialogue Initiative Community Meeting
Finca Bell-Lloc, Spain, October 26
Collaborative Community meeting with members interested in promoting dialogue as a means for achieving better connection and mutual support and responsibility among people around the world.

Power of Dialogue

August-October 2021

Weaving together dialogue, creativity, and music the Power of Dialogue (POD) program brought together youth participants from across the globe (The Gambia, Kenya, Israel, the UK, Jamaica, and the US) to practice and apply dialogue skills. Global Dialogue Initiative, Partners for Youth Empowerment and Music For Dialogue co-hosted this online program.

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Community Members

Global Leadership Foundation Institute for Economics & Peace Jerusalem Intercultural Center Learning for Well-Being Foundation Motheo Training Institute Trust Synergos - Building trust works Vuslat Foundation