Conversation among LINC Fellows in South Africa

Global Dialogue Initiative

Briefing on a Collaborative Community


How can philanthropists create the conditions for better connecting people, for assisting them in mutually supporting each other to reach common goals and improve life together?

How can we permanently solve long-lasting problems which we see in society everyday around the world?

What is required to bring leaders together in a spirit of partnership, collaboration and cooperation in order to successfully address these challenges?

In essence, how can we build trust that is vital to resolve complex problems and reach cooperation?

Inspired by the experience in Israel of Music for Dialogue, which uses the disarming power of music to connect people and help them reach mutual support and responsibility, Synergos is developing a collaborative community within the Global Philanthropists Circle called the Global Dialogue Initiative.

The Global Dialogue Initiative (GDI) Collaborative Community

The Global Dialogue Initiative enables philanthropists from within the Global Philanthropists Circle, the wider philanthropic community and organisations dedicated to improving the state of humanity in partnership to promote dialogue as a means for achieving better connection and mutual support and responsibility among people around the world - each of them with their own agenda and with joint projects initiated together.

This can be done by initiating new programs, projects and campaigns, and by adapting existing projects for people and sectors of society that need substantial support and enhancement. This may also include strengthening the connection and the mutual support among members of the organization itself that will be involved in this new initiative.

Purpose and intentions of the Global Dialogue Initiative Collaborative Community

  • Convene the philanthropic community who focus on promoting dialogue for the purpose of connecting people, mutual support and responsibility in their programmes or have an interest in adapting them as a means of building relationships and solving problems.
  • Give visibility to dialogue as a means for connecting people and mutual responsibility related initiatives amongst the philanthropy community and to share strategies, resources, knowledge and skills among the community.
  • To initiate together new programs, projects and campaigns that will have local as well as a substantial global effect.
  • To assist community members and other philanthropists that are already involved in dialogue as a means for better connection and mutual support and responsibility programmes or non-profit support or want to start doing so. Assistance can take place by sharing knowhow with other community members as well as by receiving advice from key advocates and experts.
  • To identify and “accredit” social and philanthropic initiatives, programmes and projects which already promote and utilise dialogue as a means for better connecting people and promoting mutual support and responsibility.
  • To integrate dialogue as a means for greater connection and mutual support more fully into the Synergos Bridging Leadership approach and bring closer to other Synergos and GPC activities so Synergos as an organisation benefits from the development of the GDI.

The Global Dialogue Initiative Collaborative Community has three levels of engagement:

  1. The individual member - how each member can gain self-empowerment and enrich understanding and knowhow of important processes of better connection between people as part of living together in spite of differences.
  2. Within members' own philanthropic activities - how this community can assist members to improve knowhow and techniques of dialogue as a means for better interpersonal connection and mutual support in promoting their individual agendas.
  3. In overall society - how community members join forces to initiate substantial programs and campaigns of promoting and improving connection and mutual support and responsibility that will serve and have major impact on the overall society.

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