George Washington Bridge

The David Rockefeller
Bridging Leadership Award

May 7, 2019 in New York City

Bridging leadership is the ability to build trust.

More than 300 people from around the world came together for for an evening of sharing ideas and inspiration about building trust and releasing the energy of individuals, communities, and organizations around the world.

We honored:

  • The Global Sustainability Network for building collaboration to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking as part of delivering on SDG 8: decent work and economic growth
  • Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, for leadership in mobilizing diverse stakeholders to improve wages and working conditions in America’s restaurant industry.

Raza Jafar, Saru Jayaraman, & Peggy Dulany

Raza Jafar speaking

Saru Jayaraman

Saru Jayaraman speaking

Global Sustainability Network

Bishop Alastair Redfern speaking

Photo Gallery

Event Program

Meet Synergos



Trust Builder: Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor

Champions: Peggy Dulany Rockefeller Foundation

Leaders: Bloomberg Philanthropies Charlotte de Mévius DJM Capital Partners, Inc. William H. Donner Foundation Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow Mimi & Peter Haas Fund Mo Ibrahim Lunt Family Adele Simmons Anonymous

Friends: Murtaza Akbar Angelica Berrie Blue Hill Serge Dumont Corinne Evens Gary Ford and Nancy Ebb Mayra Hernández González Antonio Madero Ann and Vincent Mai Enrique Muñoz Maeve Rockefeller Rockefeller Capital Management Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness Unilever

Event Committee

Peggy Dulany Zainab Salbi Monica Winsor

Table Discussion Topics and Distinguished Faculty

1 Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
Susan Blaustein, WomenStrong International
Michaela Walsh
2 Social entrepreneurship
Leah Bradford Francis, Synergos
George Khalaf, Empatico
3 Promoting decent work
4 Trust, social connectedness, and the rights of older people
Bethany Brown, Human Rights Watch
Kim Samuel, Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness
5 What does it take to create a world based on trust?
6 Responding to refugee crises
Alessandro d'Ansembourg 
7 Promoting decent work
Rajiv Joshi, B Team
8 What does it take to create a world based on trust?
Nili Gilbert, Matarin Capital
9 What does it take to create a world based on trust?
Henri van Eeghen, Synergos
10 Media for social impact
Mallika Dutt, Project Interconnectedness
11 Promoting decent work
12 Responding to refugee crises
Melissa Powell, UN Global Compact
13 Impact investing
Casey Clark, Rockefeller Capital Management
14 Impact investing
Mathew Bishop, Rockefeller Foundation
Donna Katzin, Shared Interest
15 Media for social impact
Molly Bingham, ORB Media
16 Philanthropy, inner work, and personal growth
Michael Lunt
17 Growing our capacity as bridging leaders
Len le Roux, Synergos
18 Growing our capacity as bridging leaders
Andrew Hudson, Crisis Action
19 Growing our capacity as bridging leaders
John Heller, Little Sun
20 Growing our capacity as bridging leaders
Ruma Bose, Humanitarian Ventures
22 Philanthropy, inner work, and personal growth
Anne Bahr Thompson, Synergos
23 Philanthropy, inner work, and personal growth
Alexander Grashow, Good Wolf Group
24 Climate change
Meredith Block, Rockefeller Capital Management
25 Climate change
Bob Dandrew, New World Foundation
27 Promoting decent work
28     Innovations in individual and family philanthropy
Katarina Czarniak, Synergos
29 Ending human trafficking and modern-day slavery
Kevin Hyland, Global Sustanability Network
30 Promoting decent work
Erin Rossitto, ROC United