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The David Rockefeller
Bridging Leadership Award

May 8, 2018 in New York City

300 people from around the world came together for an evening of sharing ideas and inspiration about how we can create positive change by deepening trust, strengthening collaboration, and releasing the energy and ideas of individuals, communities, and organizations.

We heard from three outstanding global leaders and honored them with the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Awards:

  • Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor, business leader and founder of Innova Schools, is creating a new way of providing quality primary and secondary education, at scale and at reasonable cost, to families in Peru.
  • Corazon Juliano-Soliman, social activist and two-time Minister of Social Development of the Philippines, is a leader in enabling government to work in true collaboration with communities and nonprofit organizations.
  • Ernesto Garilao, educator and President of the Zuellig Family Foundation, is pioneering efforts to improve health conditions in rural Filipino communities in partnership with government at all levels.

Bridging Leaders Build Trust

Trust in curiosity...

Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor

Video of Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor

Ernesto Garilao & Dinky Soliman

Ernesto Garilao & Dinky Soliman

Peggy Dulany

Video of Peggy Dulany

Music by Ahmen

Ahmen performing

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Event program

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30th Anniversary Paper

Building Trust Works: Why Inner Work for Social Impact

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Bridging leaders build trust. Are you ready to become a bridging leader?


Champions: Peggy Dulany • Rockefeller Foundation

Leaders: Ayala Corporation • Bloomberg Philanthropies • Charles Butt • Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow • J.P. Morgan • Fundación Kaluz • Larry and Vicki Lunt • Monica Winsor and Josh Mailman • Anonymous

Collaborators: BDT & Company • Angelica Berrie Foundation • Serge Dumont • Corinne Evens • Goldman Sachs Gives/Ram Sundaram • Mayra Hernández González • Jerry Hirsch • Antonio Madero • Vincent Mai • Vuslat Dogan Sabanci • Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness • Adele Simmons • Unilever Foundation • Anonymous

Thanks also to:

Event Committee: Maria Alejo Consuegra, Peggy Dulany, Mayra Hernández González, Javier Macaya, Zainab Salbi, Daniel Schwartz, and Monica Winsor

Special thanks: Lisa Geers, Ahmer Kalam, and Gabriela Pérez Rocchietti

Table Topics & Distinguished Faculty

  1. Media for social impact
    Molly Bingham, Orb Media
  2. Media for social impact
    Mallika Dutt, Breakthrough
  3. Building trust through social connectedness
    Marlene Ogawa, Synergos
    Kim Samuel, McGill University and Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness
  4. Peace and justice
    L. Camille Massey, Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice
    Jeremy Travis, Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  5. Public health and nutrition
    Kasee Ithana, Synergos
    Surita Sandosham, Synergos
  6. What would it take to build trust in this world?
    John Heller, Synergos
    Melissa Durda, Synergos
  7. Sustainable food and agriculture
    Daniel Domagala, Synergos
    Jill Isenbarger, Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture
  8. Inner work for social impact
    Len Le Roux, Synergos
  9. Sustainable food and agriculture
    Marieke Spence, Synergos
  10. What would it take to build trust in this world?
    Gabriela Perez Rochietti
  11. What would it take to build trust in this world?
    Maria Alejo Consuegra
  12. Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
    Judith Bruce, Population Council
    Susan Davis
  13. Individual and family philanthropy
    Melissa Berman, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  14. Social entrepreneurship
    Hisham El Rouby, Synergos
    Martin Fisher, Kickstart International
  15. Building empathy into education
    George Khalaf, Empatico
  16. Inner work for social impact
    Alexander Grashow, Good Wolf Group
  17. Building trust in the face of political fear and uncertainty
    Alan Fleischmann, Laurel Strategies
    Zeyba Rahman, Doris Duke Foundation
  18. Climate change
    Meredith Block, Rockefeller Capital Management
  19. Sustainable food and agriculture
    Adewale Ajadi, Synergos
    Bob Dandrew, New World Foundation
    Abera Tola Gada, Synergos
  20. Promoting excellence in the nonprofit sector
    Nicola Crosta, Epic Foundation
  21. Responding to refugee crises
    Becca Heller, International Refugee Assistance Project
    Parisa Parsa, What is Essential
  22. Impact investing
    Wayne Silby, ImpactAssets
  23. Impact investing
    Donna Katzin, Shared Interest
  24. Business social impact
    Leah Bradford Francis, Synergos
    Rajiv Joshi, B Team
  25. Human rights and inclusive development
    Kristen Lewis, Measure of America
    Shari Turitz, American Jewish World Service
  26. Community development
    Sarah Burd-Sharps, Measure of America
    Pallavi Gupta, Brandeis University